Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Alumni Update: Nicholas Bluhm takes position with Cooley, Godward and Kronish

Nicholas Bluhm has taken a position with the local agency Cooley, Godward and Kronish, working as a Litigation Case Assistant. He earned a BS in Biological Anthropology in 2007, as well an MA in Anthropology (no concentration) in 2008.

Nick reports:

"Barbara Miller’s high standards for compositions have most certainly helped in preparing me for this job, which frequently requires me to write 2-page summaries (no passive constructions, obviously!) for my boss, Roel Campos. He's a great guy with a strong moral compass and an example of how good people can effect change in government. In November, then President-elect Obama invited Roel to serve on the Economic Transition Team. I have been working with Roel on strategies for the economic recovery. Roel and I both agree that the government needs to focus on the foreclosures and defaults on home loans. We culled the think tanks for ideas and worked together on a memo that Roel presented to Obama, in person, in Chicago, on November 7! I am really excited about this job and being able to contribute to and learn about some of the great things that are possible through law and government regulation."