Thursday, April 21, 2011

2011 Rogers Excavation Scholarship Recipients

The Anthropology Department is pleased to announce the 2011 Rogers Excavation Scholarship recipients, who will participate in archaeological fieldwork at sites in the U.S., Israel, Mexico, Belize, Kenya, and Greece during Summer 2011.

Joaille Araujo (B.A. Anth / Intl Affairs)
Alexandria, VA. Director: Pamela Cressey

Rebecca Biermann (B.A. Anth)
Oaxaca, Mexico. Director: Jeffrey Blomster

Sarah Cahlan (B.A. Archaeology)
Tel Kabri, Israel. Director: Eric Cline

Charlotte Doney (B.A. Anth)

Say Kah, Belize. Director: Linda Brown

Gabriela Farias (B.A. Arch / Geology)

Tel Kabri, Israel. Director: Eric Cline

Cheyenne Lewis (B.A. Arch / B.S. Bio Anth)
Astypalaia, Greece. Director: Simon Hillson

Lisa Mangiarelli (B.A. Arch)

Say Kah, Belize. Director: Linda Brown

Katie Paul (M.A. Anth)

Tel Kabri, Israel. Director: Eric Cline

Laurel Poolman (B.A. Arch / Anth)
Tel Kabri, Israel. Director: Eric Cline

Madeline Shaffer (B.A. Arch)
Say Kay, Belize. Director: Linda Brown

Harrison Ward (B.S. Bio Anth)
Koobi Fora (Director: Brian Richmond) and Olorgesailie (Director: Alison Brooks), Kenya.

The Rogers Excavation Scholarship provides funding for undergraduate or graduate students to do fieldwork in archaeology. Preference is given to those participating in an excavation for the first time and to those working with GW faculty. This scholarship, administered through the Capitol Archaeological Institute, was established in 2011 through the generosity of alumni Deborah Lehr and John Rogers.

2011 Lewis N. Cotlow Recipients

The Anthropology Department is pleased to announce the 2011 recipients of Lewis N. Cotlow Awards for anthropological research. The following students will conduct research during the coming months and will present highlights of their findings at the annual conference on student research, which is held on the Friday of Colonials Weekend in October 2011:

Tanvi Avasthi (B.A./M.A. Anth): Identity Politics among Progressive Indian Clinicians
Advisor: Barbara Miller

Carrie Benjamin (M.A. Anth): Talib├ęs and Marabouts: Children's Rights, Development, and Local Perspectives in Saint-Louis, Senegal
Advisors: David Gow and Ilana Feldman

Heather Dingwall (B.S. Bio Anth and B.A. Arch):
Analysis of Homo erectus Fossil Footprints from Ileret, Kenya, in the Context of Unshod Daasanach Experimental Prints
Advisor: Brian Richmond

Justin Greco (B.S. Bio Sci and B.A. Arch): Determining Site-Status via Analysis of Maya Ceramics from Say Kah, Belize
Advisors: Jeffrey Blomster and Linda Brown

Cheyenne Lewis (B.S. Bio Anth and B.A. Arch):
Use of Dorsal Parturition Pits as a Female Characteristic on the Human Pelvis
Advisor: Douglas Ubelaker

Kate Markham (B.S. Bio Anth): Monitoring Nitrogen and Energy Balance in Wild Bornean Orangutans (Pongo pygmaeus wurmbii) in a Peat Swamp
Advisor: Erin Vogel

Alicia O'Brien (B.A. Int Aff): Describing the Gap: The Impact of Identity and Culture for Individuals with Cognitive Disabilities after Transitioning from School
Advisors: Frances Norwood and Barbara Miller

Danielle Pelaez (B.A. Int Aff): 21st Century Pilgrims: Exploring the Transmutation from the Religious Pilgrim to the Secular Adventurer
Advisor: Catherine Allen

Claire Ragozzino (B.A. Intl Aff): West Meets East: The Effects of Western Commodification of Yoga on Indian Yogic Identity and Practice
Advisors: Barbara Miller and Frances Norwood

Rebecca Remis (B.A. Intl Aff):
The Chinese Experience in the Organic Movement: A Case Study of Little Donkey Farm
Advisors: Barbara Miller and Robert Shepherd

Tatiana Reyes (B.A. Intl Aff):
Working Women: An Ethnography of Tourism and Its Impact on the Women of San Juan del Sur
Advisors: Catherine Timura, Robert Shepherd, Barbara Miller

Kristina Short (M.A. Anth): Materializing Social identity: Ceramic Figurines at Middle and Late Formative Etlatongo
Advisor: Jeffrey Blomster

Since 1990, the Lewis N. Cotlow Field Research Fund has supported over 150 anthropological research projects by GW students in nearly 50 countries. The Fund was created by a $150,000 bequest from the estate of Lewis Cotlow (1898-1987), an explorer, author, and filmmaker who attended GW.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Professor Eric Cline Receives 2011 Oscar and Shoshana Trachtenberg Prize for Faculty Scholarship

Dr. Eric Cline, Chair of the Department of Classical and Near Eastern Language and Civilization and Associate Professor of Classics, Anthropology, and History, who was selected to receive the prestigious 2011 Oscar and Shoshana Trachtenberg Prize for Faculty Scholarship.

In discussing Dr. Cline's selection, George Washington University Vice President for Research Leo Chalupa referenced Dr. Cline's contributions to the field of archaeology of the Middle East, including his co-direction of excavations at Megiddo and Tel Kabri, as contributing to his outstanding international reputation. This reputation is bolstered by Dr. Cline's outstanding publication record as author or co-author of nine books and more than 80 articles in scholarly and general audience publications.

The Anthropology Department offers a hearty congratulations to Dr. Cline for this well-deserved recognition of scholarly contributions.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Alumna Amanda Leonard to Give Interview on "Big Black Dog Syndrome"

Recent graduate Amanda Leonard (MA Anthropology-Museum Training, 2011) is scheduled to give an radio interview on "Big Black Dog Syndrome" in conjunction with the "Thinking about Animals Conference" held Thursday, March 31 and Friday, April 1 2011 at Brock University.

Leonard, who was invited to present at the conference, will be discussing why big black dogs remain un-adopted while their smaller and more colorful counterparts more easily find loving families. Her study, which will also be published in the Kroeber Anthropological Society Papers, suggests the issue stems in part from humans' inability to distinguish facial expressions on black dogs. This, in combination with shelters typically being dark places and bad photography accompanying adoption ads, contributes to a negative perception of large black dogs.

Leonard will be interviewed on Friday, April 1st at 1:00PM till 1:30PM on Brock Radio CFBU 103.7 FM for a show called "Dog Talk". The interview, conducted by Dave McMahon, Professor of Animal Studies, Niagara College, Canada, will serve as a way to educate the public about the Syndrome.

Additionally, Leonard was featured on the Brock University news page: