Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cotlow Recipient Abigail Greenleaf finishing Peace Corps Service in Cameroon

Abigail Greenleaf, (B.S. Public Health 2007, Anthropology Minor, Cotlow Award Recipient, 2006) will be finishing her Peace Corps service in Cameroon this December. Abigail's main project in Cameroon involved managing a group of women quilters; however, she also participated in an HIV testing project, several camps instructing young men and woman on topics such as environmental education, sexual health, and HIV/AIDS. Furthermore, Abigail gave a speech on the importance of education to obtaining leadership positions in Cameroon to the minority Umbororo tribe. She has since been asked to give several other speeches. Following the end of her service, Abigail plans to travel East Africa, before joining the job hunt in March.