Friday, July 18, 2008

Alumni Go On for Advanced Degrees

Graduate Study by Alumni

  • Doris (Grage) Duangboudda, (MA-ID 2005) will be attending UC Davis' PhD program in anthropology

  • Bonnie (Richard) Dixson (MA-MT 2007) will be attending UCLA's Anthropology PhD program

  • Chris Bloechl (MA 2007) will be attending the University of Chicago's PhD program in Anthropology

  • Robyn Le Blanc (BA Arch/Classics/History 2008) will be attending the UNC's PhD program in Classical Archaeology

  • Jessica Calvanico (BA 2008) will be attending the University of Chicago's Master of Arts Program in Social Sciences

  • Savannah Fetterolf (BA 2008) will be attending Columbia University's Master of Arts in Museum Anthropology

  • Nadia Rahman (MA-ID 2008) will be attending Oxford University's PhD Program in Anthropology

  • Harris Greenberg (BA Arch 2005) received his MA from University College London's Program in Eastern Mediterranean Archaeology

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