Friday, August 1, 2008

Tom Kavanagh (MA 1980) is consulting anthropologist for Comanches

Tom Kavanagh (MA Anth 1980) has been appointed Consulting Anthropologist for the Comanche Nation of Oklahoma. This summer he conducted the first part of a consultancy between the CN and the National Park Service/Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (GYE) on traditional uses of resources in the GYE by Comanches.

He also has a new book, Comanche Ethnography, which is due out in August (U Nebraska Press). It is a compilation of the original field notes of the "Santa Fe Field Party" of 1933. That party included E. Adamson Hoebel and Waldo Wedel. These notes were the foundations of the classic Comanche ethnography The Comanches (Wallace and Hoebel 1952) but provide ethnographic detail beyond that which was published in 1952. Comanche Ethnography also reproduces Robert Lowie's notes from his brief visit to Lawton in 1912, the source for his 1916 Shoshone Dances.

Tom is also editing a volume of "histories" written by a Comanche man back in the 1950s-60s based on oral traditions from his grandmother.

Tom teaches at Seton Hall University and administers its anthropological collection.

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