Monday, June 15, 2009

Alumni Update: Geoffrey Cain publishes articles in the Economist and Far Eastern Economic Review

Geoffrey Cain (BA Anthropology and International Affairs 2008) reports on his recent publication:

"For eight months, I've been working on a story about Cambodia's fight against sex trafficking, which many times has faced criticism for its brutality against sex workers. This article details one government 'rehabilitation' center, where detained sex workers are supposed to learn cooking and sewing, but have been beaten and raped, and at least eight people have died.

Published in The Economist:

"I also encourage you to buy the June issues of the Far Eastern Economic Review and support a phenomenal magazine. I've written an article in it titled "An Oil Curse Looms for Cambodia," after six months of research into Cambodia's secret oil concessions -- and China's race for the oil without regard for its ill social effects. This article is not available online."

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