Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Three courses added to undergraduate curriculum

Three archaeology and biological anthropology courses that have been successfully offered as special topics courses have now been added to the list of regular classes:

ANTH 104: Archaeology in Film & Television

This course examines archaeology as depicted in fictional and documentary films and television. The seminar setting encourages the development critical thinking skills and examination of various contemporary archaeological issues portrayed in popular culture. Prerequisite: ANTH 3

ANTH 144: Evolution of the Human Brain

Examination of how the human brain is unique in comparison to other animals, with an emphasis on understanding our species’ distinctive neurobiology in relation to the evolution of cognitive abilities such as language, social comprehension, tool making, and abstract thinking. Prerequisite: ANTH 1
This course will be taught by Prof. Chet Sherwood in the fall of 2010.

ANTH 194: Archaeology of Ritual & Religion

This course uses cross-cultural case studies to explore religious ritual practiced in the past. Special attention is given to contemporary methods and theories used to interpret religion and ritual from the archaeological record. Prerequisite: ANTH 3

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