Tuesday, August 7, 2012

2012 Cotlow Award Recipients

Since 1990, the Lewis N. Cotlow Field Research Fund has supported over 200 anthropological research projects by GW students in over 50 countries. The Fund was created by a $150,000 bequest from the estate of Lewis Cotlow (1898-1987), an explorer, author, and filmmaker who attended GW.

Kathryn Barca (M.A. Anth): The Meaning of Style: An Analysis of Tobacco Pipes from Mount Vernon, Virginia. Advisor: Jeffrey Blomster. Location: United Kingdom.

Rebecca Biermann (B.A. Anth): Methods for Investigating the Biomechanics of Stone Tool Production: Manual Pressure Sensor and Kinematics Motion Capture Techniques. Advisors: Brian G. Richmond and Erin Marie Williams. Location: Washington, DC.

Greyson Brooks (M.A. Anth): Gay Identity and Indigenous LGBT Rights NGOs as Sociopolitical Resistance to State-Sponsored Homophobia in Uganda. Advisors: R. Richard Grinker, Sean R. Roberts, Barbara D. Miller, Stephen C. Lubkemann. Location: Uganda.

Lucas Epp (B.A. Anth): Racism and Sexism in a Virtual World. Advisors: Barbara D. Miller and Alexander S. Dent. Location: Buffalo, NY, and Washington, DC.

Clare Kelley (M.P.H. Global Health, M.A. Intl Dev Studies): Hegemonic Femininity and the Embodied Culture of Alcohol in Tacna, Peru. Advisors: Elanah Uretsky and Barbara D. Miller. Location: Peru.

Michael Kern (M.A. Anth): Talus Morphology in Relation to Locomotor Behavior in Old World Monkey Species. Advisor: Matthew Tocheri. Location: Washington, DC.

Cecily Marroquin (M.A. Anth): Marketing Health: The Social Marketing of HIV/AIDS Prevention in the Caribbean. Advisors: Frances Norwood and Alain Touwaide. Location: Trinidad and Tobago and Washington, DC.

Christopher Payette (B.S. Bio Anth): The Effects of Locomotor Category and Sex on the Ontogeny of Skeletal Robusticity in Two Strepsirhine Species (Lemur catta and Propithecus verreauxi). Advisors: Robin Bernstein and Lynn Copes. Location: New Haven, CT.

Kathryn Ranhorn (Ph.D. Hom Paleo): The Archaeological Context of Early Homo sapiens in Southeastern Tanzania. Advisor: Alison S. Brooks. Location: Tanzania.

Evy Vourlides (M.A. Anth): Vernacularization of the Global Financial Crisis in Athens, Greece. Advisors: R. Richard Grinker and Michael Herzfeld. Location: Greece. 

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