Wednesday, August 8, 2012

We're featured in the CCAS E-Magazine!

The most recent issue of the CCAS E-Magazine featured two anthropological projects. First, they write about the work of post-doc Erin Marie Williams (Ph.D. HomPal 2011) under the guidance of Prof. Brian Richmond. She, with her research assistant, senior Beccy Biermann, conducts experiments to investigate the connection between the anatomy of the hand and stone tool behaviors. In order to do this, they bring in academics and hobby knappers (stone tool makers) to make and use stone tools.
The article specifically draws attention to Michael Thacher (B.A. 1970) and his wife Rhonda, who generously donated $20,000 to allow Dr. Williams and Prof. Richmond to purchase a key piece of equipment.

The CCAS E-Magazine also spotlighted the research project of linguistic anthropology professor Joel Kuipers and the National Museum of Natural History’s curator Dr. Joshua Bell. They are researching the use of cell phones by different groups (such as Salvadorean immigrants, taxi cab drivers, and GW students) to create their communities and patterns of communication. Helping Prof. Kuipers and Dr. Bell are alumni Jacqueline Hazen (M.A. Anth 2012), Amanda Kemble (B.A. Anth 2012), Briel Kobak (B.A. Anth 2012), and international affairs master’s student Trung Le. Prof. Kuipers and his research assistants are gathering data through in-person interviews, observation, and online surveys. If you want to help them out, take the survey:

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