Thursday, October 9, 2008

Annual Anthropology Student Research Conference

On Friday, October 17th the department will host the Annual Anthropology Student Research Conference. It will be from 2- 5pm in 1957 E St NW, room 215 and will be followed by a reception.

12 students who received awards from the Lewis N. Cotlow Fund will present their research findings.

The topics that will be presented on are:
  • Metro Area Midwives: A Study of Midwifery in the Washington DC Area - Kimberly Cotterman
  • The Historical Present: Identity's role in the Shifting Development of U-Street - Adam Steven Chamy
  • The Aesthetic of Urbanism: Pottery Chronologies of the Mixteca Alta - Kiernan McGowan
  • Metaphors of the Vocal Instrument: Embodied Language of Opera - Lauren E. Deal
  • Landscaping the Mind: The Exploration of Fictional Landscape in Shaoxing, China. - Chenkai Zhu
  • Hair Traditions Among Female Young Adult Samoans in Maraetai, New Zealand - Laura Myford
  • The Maya Women of Kaqla. Negotiation of gender and ethnic identity in Guatemala. - Alejandra Hurtado de Mendoza
  • "Just because you don't have papers, doesn't mean you won't get sick": Health Experiences of Latino Immigrants in Mount Pleasant, Washington, DC - Claire Selsky
  • "Eat Sweets and Talk Sweet:Hospitality and Commensality in Urban Middle-Class Turkey" - Heather Y. Hwalek
  • HOLISTIC HEALING: A Glance at the Perceptions of Illness and Health in
    Urban Peru - Carla Blauvelt
  • Baboons behaviour, hair and hormones - Nicholas Fourie
  • Are capuchins good models for the "grandmother" hypothesis?: What socio-spatial behavior of females with dependent infants can tell us." - Ashley Stinespring

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