Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Faculty Spotlight: What We're Writing

Bernstein R. (in press) Glucocorticoids in red-shanked douc langurs (Pygathrix nemeaus). Viet J Primatol (with Tilo Nadler, Janine Brown, and Nicolaas Fourie)

Alexander Dent’s book, "Country Critics: Rural Music in Central-Southern Brazil", is in production at Duke University press; to be released in the next 8-10 months.

Alexander Dent (in preparation) "Singing the State: The Anthemics of Brazilian Authoritarianism (1930-45), to be submitted to Current Anthropology.

Mark Edberg finished a reader to accompany the textbook he recently wrote, Essentials of Health Behavior: Social and Behavioral Theory in Public Health (Jones & Bartlett 2007). The reader is called “Essential Readings in Health Behavior”, and will come out in 2009.

Ilana Feldman (2008) Waiting for Palestine: Refracted Citizenship and Latent Sovereignty in Gaza. Citizenship Studies 12(5): 447-63.

Richard Grinker (October 2008) A Better Time to Be Autistic. Counseling Young Children and Adults.

Richard Grinker (October 2008) What in the World is Autism? Autism Spectrum News.

Patty Kelly:
Kelly P (2008) Lydia's Open Door: Inside Mexico's Most Modern Brothel. Berkeley: University of California Press.

Kelly P (2008) Book Review: Violence and Hope in a US-Mexico Border Town, by Jody Glittenberg. Anthropology Quarterly 81(3).

Kelly P (2008) Legalize it? A Look Inside Mexico's Legal Brothels. $pread Magazine 4.2.

Joel Kuipers:

Gail Viechnicki and Joel Kuipers, eds. (2008) Objectification and the Inscription of Knowledge in Science Classrooms. Special issue of Linguistics and Education 19.3:201-318.

Peter Lucas:

Agrawal KR, Ang KY, Sui Z, Tan HTW & Lucas PW (2008) Methods of ingestion and incisal designs. In: Technique and Application in Dental Anthropology (eds. JD Irish & GC Nelson), pp. 349-363. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Ang KY, Lucas PW & Tan HTW (2008) A novel way of measuring the fracture toughness of leaves and other thin films using a single inclined razor blade. New Phytol 177: 830-837.

Lucas PW, Constantino P, Wood BA & Lawn BR (2008) Dental enamel as a dietary indicator in mammals. BioEssays 30: 374-285.

Cheng ACO, Yuen HKL, Lucas PW, Lam DSC & So KF (2008) Surgical anatomy of the Chinese orbit – an anatomic study. Ophthal Plast Reconstr Surg 24: 136-41.

Lucas PW, Constantino PJ & Wood BA (2008) Structural and functional trends in tooth morphology within the hominid clade. J Anat 212: 486-500.

Vogel ER, van Woerden JT, Lucas PW, Utami Atmoko SS & van Schaik CP (2008) Functional ecology and evolution of hominoid enamel thickness: Pan troglodytes schweinfurthii and Pongo pygmaeus wurmbii. J Hum Evol 55: 60-74.

Dominy NJ, Grubb PJ, Jackson RV, Lucas PW, Metcalfe DJ, Svenning J-C & Turner IM (2008) In tropical lowland rain forests monocots have tougher leaves than dicots, and include a new kind of tough leaf. Ann Bot 101: 1363-1377.

Grubb PJ, Jackson RV, Barberis IM, Bee JN, Coomes DA, Dominy NJ, De La Fuente MAS, Lucas PW, Metcalfe DJ, Svenning J-C, Turner IM & Vargas O (2008) Monocot leaves are eaten less than dicot leaves in tropical lowland rain forests: roles for toughness and leaf presentation. Ann Bot 101: 1379-1389.

Dominy NJ, Vogel ER, Yeakel JD, Constantino P & Lucas PW (2008) For the hungry hominid a tuber was not hard: mechanical characteristics of plant foods in the diets of australopithecines and early Homo. Evol Biol 35:159-175.

Robert Shepherd has a recent chapter entitled "Cultural Preservation, Tourism, and ‘Donkey Travel’ on China’s Frontier" in a Routledge volume edited by Tim Winter entitled “Asia on Tour: Exploring the Rise of Asia Tourism”. Click link for more information:

Chet Sherwood:
K.A. Phillips and C.C. Sherwood (2008) Cortical development in brown capuchin monkeys: a structural MRI study. NeuroImage. doi10.1016/j.neuroimage.2008.08.031

W.D. Hopkins, J.P. Taglialatela, A. Meguerditchian, T. Nir, N.M. Schenker, and C.C. Sherwood (2008) Gray matter asymmetries in chimpanzees as revealed by voxel-based morphometry. NeuroImage 42: 491-497.

M.A. Raghanti, C.D. Stimpson, J.L. Marcinkiewicz, J.M. Erwin, P.R. Hof, and C.C. Sherwood (2008) Cortical dopaminergic innervation among humans, chimpanzees, and macaque monkeys: a comparative study. Neuroscience 155: 203-220.

Bernard Wood:
In press:

Wood, B. ‘The changing boundary of the genus Homo.’In: The First Humans: Origins of the Genus Homo. Eds. F.E. Grine, J.G. Fleagle and R.E. Leakey. New York: Springer.

Diogo, R., Abdala, V. and Wood, B. Comparative anatomy, homologies and evolution of the pectoral and forelimb musculature. J Morph.

Skinner, M., Wood, B.A. and Hublin, J- J. Enamel-dentine junction (EDJ) morphology distinguishes the lower molars of Australopithecus africanus and Paranthropus robustus. J Hum Evol.

Silverman, N., Lague, M., Richmond, B. and Wood, B. ‘Taxonomic utility of the hominid mandibular corpus. J Anat.

Strait, D.S., Weber, G.W., Neubauer, S., Chalk, J., Richmond, B.G., Lucas, P.W., Spencer, M.A., Schrein, C., Dechow, P C., Ross, C.F., Grosse, I.R., Wright, B.W., Constantino, P., Wood, B.A., Lawn, B., Wang, Q., Slice, D., Byron, C., Smith, A.L. The feeding biomechanics and dietary ecology of Australopithecus africanus. Science.

Skinner, M., Wood, B.A. and Hublin, J- J. Protostylid expression at the outer enamel surface and at the enamel-dentine junction of mandibular molars of Paranthropus robustus andAustralopithecus africanus.’ J. Hum. Evol.

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