Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Faculty Spotlight: What We're Saying

Alexander Dent won a Bender Award for Teaching Excellence that was presented at the Faculty Meeting on October 3rd.

Richard Grinker delivered the following public lectures:
Oct. 3 Atlanta. Keynote Address: Cobb County Annual Book Fair.

Oct. 10 Washington, D.C. Autism Spectrum Symposium, George Washington University Office of Disability.

Oct. 10 Washington, D.C. Lecture. American Enterprise Institute.

Oct. 15 Washington, D.D. Lecture. HSC Foundation and Pediatric Center.

Oct. 17. Atlanta. Lecture. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta.

Oct. 20 Chicago. Lecture. Children’s Brain Research Foundation dinner lecture.

Oct. 24 Arlington, VA. Keynote. Organization for Autism Research. Arlington, VA

Patty Kelly
"Gendered Labor in the Global Economy." Guest speaker, Hotspots: Key Issues in Contemporary Globalization. George Mason University, Washington, D.C., April 16.

"Taming the City: Legalized Prostitution and the Modernization of Urban Mexico." Paper presented at "The Changing City" Urban Studies Seminar, George Washington University, April 30.

Chet Sherwood and collaborators presented their recent research on the evolution of neuromodulator innervation in the frontal cortex of humans and other primates at the American Society of Primatologists meeting in West Palm Beach, Florida:

M.A. Raghanti, C.C. Sherwood, P.R. Hof, and J.M. Erwin (2008) Evolutionary changes in cortical neuromodulator innervation within the frontal cortex of humans, chimpanzees, and macaque monkeys. Am. J. Primatol. 70 (Suppl. 1): 32.

Peter Lucas’ research was cited in:
1) The New Scientist May 19th. Five things humans no longer need.
2) Ungar P. 2008. Strong teeth, strong seeds. Nature 452: 703-704.

Bernard Wood was interviewed by Giulia e Piero Pruneti in‘Incontro con Bernard Wood,’ Archeologia Viva. 27(131): 78-79.

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