Monday, August 17, 2009

Joanne Brucker (BA 2007) receives Harvard MA in International Educational Policy

Joanne Brucker (BA Anthropology 2007), graduated from Harvard University in June with an MA in International Educational Policy.

She says that it was “a long and hard period, but so rewarding — I still am processing how much I learned.”

She is currently involved in a wide variety of activities. Along with some colleagues from Harvard, she is finishing up a project with UNICEF on inclusive education; they are writing a report for the CEE/CIS region about all the children left out of school, and she is writing the section on Roma-inclusive education in Macedonia. This summer she completed a project for SIT on their youth programs. In this role, she was part of the summer Governor's Institute Staff working on current Issues and Youth Activism. One of the programs involved a group from Iraq who came on a State Department program joint with a group of Americans. Most exciting of all for her was the final program: a joint project with Danish People's Aid and the U.S. Embassy in Denmark which brought a group of multicultural Danes to SIT for two weeks of intense leadership and active citizenship training. The program was especially rewarding and challenging for her because of her cultural background.

Joanne spent the last two weeks teaching in Danish and learning a lot about the current immigrant situation in Denmark. Joanna comments, “As I look forward I hope to continue to work in the area of youth leadership and inclusive education, particularly in Europe.”

She is also involved with another group of Harvard students working on a moral-based TV project. She is looking for a full-time job in Washington, DC, or Europe.

Congratulations Joanne!

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