Monday, August 17, 2009

Faculty News: Barbara Miller is guest editor for special edition of journal Heritage Management

Barbara Miller, Professor of Anthropology & International Affairs and Associate Dean for Faculty in the Elliott School, was the guest editor of a special edition of the journal Heritage Management that was published in spring 2009.

The theme of the issue is "Heritage Management Inside Out and Upside Down." It includes three articles by cultural anthropologists, by an archaeologist, and an introduction by Miller entitled "Heritage Management Inside Out and Upside Down: Questioning Top-Down and Outsider Approaches."

Featured articles:

"We Have Always Had the Bible” Christianity and the Composition of White Mountain Apache Heritage Thomas J. Nevins and M. Eleanor Nevins

The Q’eqchi Healers' Association of Belize An Endogenous Movement in Heritage Preservation and Management James B. Waldram, Victor Cal, and Pedro Maquin

Cultural Heritage, UNESCO, and the Chinese State: Whose Heritage and for Whom? by Robert Shepherd

The Terror of Culture Long-term History, Heritage Preservation, and the Specificities of Place by Alexander A. Bauer

Thinking about Oral History: Theories and Applications
, edited by Thomas L. Charlton, Lois Myers, and Rebecca Sharpless, reviewed by Lauren E. Jelinek

Plains Apache Ethnobotany, by Julia A. Jordan, reviewed by William C. Meadows

The papers were originally presented on a panel Miller organized at the 2007 annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association.

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