Monday, August 17, 2009

Alumni Lauren Deal and Phil Karash to present in panel on performance and identity construction

GW Alumni Lauren Deal (BA Anth with Honors 2009) and Phil Karash (MA Anth 2008) will be participating in a panel entitled:

"Staging the Self: Examinations of Performance and the Construction of Identity" hosted by the National Association of Student Anthropologists.

The panel will take place on Wednesday, December 2 in Philadelphia.

Lauren Deal, who will be chairing the panel, says:

"Both Phil and I are very excited because it's our first presentation at the AAA's. Also, both of our papers are based on research done at GW, supervised by Alex Dent.

My paper is titled: "From the Larynx to La Traviata: Ideologies of Science and Construction of Voice in Bel Canto Pedagogy", which is based on my undergraduate thesis research.

Phil's paper is titled: "Going to see a man about a Horse: Examining Masculinity in Public Space in Restrooms", which is based on research done for his Master's thesis here at GW."

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